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About Parkway

Our congregation is comprised of people from all over Sevier County and beyond. Our worship services are "come as you are," with people from varied backgrounds all worshipping together in love and unity. We are a multi-generational church, so before we sing the newest song that all of our younger folks will know, we might cut loose with an older, foot-stomping, hand-clapping song that our older folks know and enjoy!


We love children of all ages -- infants, toddlers, pre-school age and students. We try to be led by the Holy Spirit in our worship services, and try to place Jesus Christ at the center of everything we say and do. In short, our desire is to connect with you, and then get all of us connected to God!


Our desire is to be used by God to reach our surrounding community with the love of Christ. Our goal is for each person in our congregation to learn how to completely yield to Jesus so that they can be used as an instrument of love in reaching others. We believe that God has a special plan and purpose for everyone!


We want to see as many people as possible in our area introduced to Jesus, and then be part of helping people to grow and mature in their faith. We also want to be part of God's amazing plan around the world, reaching out to different tribes, peoples, languages, and ethnic groups. We love everybody, and want to see everyone reached with God's love!

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